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The tax which is paid to the governing body for the sales of various services and goods is commonly termed as Sales Tax. We are the nonpareil sales tax consultants for you. Go through our features and you will get to know, how work efficient are we!

How does KH IT provide services pertaining to the domain of Sales Tax?

Have a quick look on our code of prosecution. we are there right behind you to guide everywhere during Sales tax registration from the core till the bottom of the work.

  • Mastering you over credit claims.
  • Maven of Sales tax registrations.
  • Assistance in filing sales tax returns.
  • Tab during preparation of your challan and return details.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Drafting of appeals.
  • Sales tax record maintenance.
  • Reduction of overall handling.
  • Paying heed to all your service tax indications.
  • Suave coordination with the IT authorities.
  • Representing clients before tax authority.
  • Aggregation of information and then finally preparation of assessment files.
  • Free advice over budgetary changes that can effect tax payments to a great extent.
  • Ensuring that prompt and best services are rendered from our end to the clients.

Some key points on Sales Tax

  • All dealers pay sales tax on the sale of any goods and this is mulcted under Central as well as State Government Legislations.
  • One is exempted from paying sales tax if the product is eventually sold without any modifications thereafter.

Join us today and we will be at your end always. We help in improving tax efficiency of our clients. Moreover, you must have noticed that as soon as the work is completed, the service providers do not pay heed to their clients after that. Well we are not like that, we keep in touch with them following which, we meet and update them as well on tax consequences upon new developments related with service tax matters. We are the ideal Service Tax Consultancy which helps its users on matters related to depositing monthly service tax of corporate and individuals too. We scan new service tax provisions and then map the very same with the company business operations.

We provide you with well planned sales tax solutions!