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Are you in search of a service upon whom you can rely for all your Income Tax related queries? Well then we must tell you that your search is now over and KH IT Solutions Private Limited is your one stop destination for all your issues.

We are the emerging leaders in providing services related to the income tax sector. Filing and documentation is quite a tedious task, whether the data entered is correct or not, the calculations are impeccable or not as per the norms of Indian Government, tax is obligatory upon candidates and should be deposited by them under the income tax department within the stipulated time slot. If not deposited on time, it can result you in paying heavy penalties to the very department.

What actually is Form 16?

This is a documentation which is incumbent to be filled by the employers and hence it acts as a proof for the employees to show the IT Department that a part of their salary has been paid as tax to the Government of India. You must be thinking how beneficial would it be if someone could fill the form 16 and you could then manage your time towards other essential aspects! We, at KH IT are there to provide assistance during the filing of form 16. We know how important are the details that are to be mentioned under it, be it the TAN or PAN details; during tax deduction if these details are not looked upon carefully then you can end up wasting a substantial amount of time. We are your time savers and tax checkers. With a team of highly skilled law graduates, experts Chartered Accountants and worthy CPA�s, we work just for our clients so that there is a level of satisfaction maintained upon the completion of the task.

Over here, you will find numerous benefits of our services

  • Deductions on salary and other details are carefully calculated.
  • Filing tax on time.
  • Challan number or vouchers are thoroughly looked upon.
  • PAN and TAN details are well scrutinized.
  • Do planning of tax and its preparation with us.