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The acronym notifies us about Tax Deducted at Source. Now we will unravel you with this term and tell you more about it. Tax deductions are managed by CBDT. Issuing of tax deductions is very important by the issuing authority also it is equally crucial for the employers along with the employees, to file TDS. During the payments of bills, TDS is credited in the accounts book.

Aim of TDS

  • Timely circulation of international revenues
  • Pay as you earn thus making the burden of tax payment non-tiring
  • Ensuring efficacious collection of taxes

We as TDS Consultants

  • We record the data both in hard as well as the soft copy.
  • TDS assistance at a nominal price.
  • TDS defaults clearance.
  • Filing of TDS certificate.
  • Furnishing e-TDS services.
  • Creation of new payrolls and database.
  • We advice you side by side at every needed step by phone calls or electronic mails.
  • One needs to be highly alert while filling or entering details under this domain. Digitally, if the entered data is choked with blunders then it will be rejected. So, certify that it is impeccable and legit.
  • We show the path of paying TDS; right from obtaining the TAN which is essential to be mentioned on every transaction of tax deducted at source to the final payment. We do keep a check over mentioning of the Pan details also, because if you don’t do so you will have to pay an exorbitant TDS.
  • Deductions of tax made under the heading of salaries, can be tricky but as far as KH IT is concerned, you have trusted the right body. We are your TDS guardians.


  • Tax payer number
  • Name of party from whom deduction is made
  • Date of deduction
  • Amount deducted
  • Type of income
  • Cheque number

All the above mentioned details should be clearly mentioned in the TDS certificate. Any negligence made over here can result in paying unwanted charges. Better be careful than being guilty after; is apt for us because we won’t let you feel so as we follow multiple cross checks to assure you an error free task duly completed within the allotted time frame and that too of rich quality.